poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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 Golden Power Bank Camera Poker Scanner

our company sells all kinds of cheating products that can be used to help poker players win much money in gambling games .
It is like a common power bank. be used to charge universal cellphones, and it can be used to carry a poker camera.We have fixed the power bank with a dynamic camera which features fast scanning speed and wide scanning range: the scanning height is 30cm and the scanning width is 35cm. It can scan marked cards no matter they are put on the table, held in hand or even being moved.

A wonderful thing about using our the  power bank dynamic camera is that the cellphone being charged by the power bank can be the poker analyzer. This way, the power bank is also transmitting marked cards’ information to the poker analyzer while other players think it’s just conducting electricity to the cellphon

Our gold power bank camera is the most concealable poker camera so far in the market. No one can find out where the camera is with his eyes. If you are looking for a poker camera, our gold power bank camera is an ideal one for you.

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