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Plastic Flowerpot Long Distance Poker analyzer

Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of cheating devices for all forms of gambling, including poker games, Mahjong games, dice games and Domino games. Our cheating products can be used for gambling tricks, private games, entertainment and self defend while playing these games.Now we show you a long distance camera lens can work with poker analyzer.

our plastic flowerpot poker scanner has a long scanning distance reaching up to 1 to 5 meters.

The poker camera installed inside the flowerpot is so concealable that no one can discover its existence. Both of its scanning width and scanning height are about 60cm. You can move this scanning range and focalize according to the position of the barcode marked cards that have been shuffled by using a dedicated remote control.

Turn the camera on before you play poker games. Let it towards the barcode marked cards, and then it can scan the cards with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability.


After the scanning, the camera will collect the cards’ information and then transfer the data to a poker analyzer. It can work with different types of poker analyzers, like CVK 500 and AKK A1, which also are available from our company.


As soon as the poker analyzer finishes analyzing the data, you will hear the poker results through the mini earpiece in your ear. In this case, nobody else but you can know the poker results in advance.


If you are looking for poker scanner with long scanning distance for your poker analyzer system and our plastic flowerpot poker scanner has aroused your interest, welcome to contact us for it!

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