poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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EYE IR Contact Lenses For Reading Back Marked Cards

Our EYE Company sells any wonderful poker cheating devices. EYE IR contact lenses are the best devices to help you read marks clearly. Do you want to know more about them? Are you eager to win money with these useful devices? 

Three Kinds Of EYE IR Contact Lenses

IR contact lenses are used by many poker gamblers. They help poker gamblers see those marks on the back and then they could know poker points or poker suits directly. There are three IR contact lenses. They are the best quality Johnson and Johnson IR contact lenses, the better quality Korea IR contact lenses and the good quality China IR contact lenses. The best one is popular and it is soft and comfortable when you wear them inside your eyes. These are imported material IR contact lenses. And the better one and the good one could also help you see through back marked cards. But as you know, most poker gamblers want to choose the best one. There are different colors of these special contact lenses. They are black-eyes IR contact lenses, Brown-eyes IR contact lenses, grey-eyes IR contact lenses, green-eyes IR contact lenses. There are also different sizes for your reference. You could choose 4mm IR contact lenses, 6mm IR contact lenses, 7mm IR contact lenses, 8mm IR contact lenses and 9mm IR contact lenses. 

IR Contact Lenses For Any Brand Of Back Marked Cards

IR contact lenses and back marked cards are good partners. It is secret and safe to help you see those marks. But other naked eyes can not see them. We sell Modiano back marked cards, KEM back marked cards, Copag back marked cards, Fournier back marked cards, Aviator back marked cards, Bee back marked cards and Bicycle back marked cards. No matter paper poker cards or plastic poker cards, we could make marks on the back. We could make the big mark in the middle or four small marks on the four corners. You could choose our finished marked cards or send your poker cards to us for processing.

IR Contact Lenses And IR Sunglasses

Besides IR contact lenses, you could choose our IR sunglasses. It is real sunglasses when you look at it on the surface. The user could see those marks on the back clearly. Some poker gamblers can not wear IR contact lenses inside their eyes, so IR sunglasses are the best devices to meet their requirements.

Poker cheating devices could help you a lot. No matter what kind of poker games you want to play, you could buy a reliable product from our company. We also sell dice cheating devices and mahjong cheating devices.

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