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How To Use CVK 400 All In One Analyzer

CVK 400 all in one analyzer is one of the best devices to help you win a lot of money. It is the latest analyzer which is with double cameras inside. If you have not used it before, you could learn more about it in the following. 


How Is CVK 400 All In One Poker Analyzer

CVK 400 all in one poker analyzer is also a real Samsung cell phone. This is not easy to be found by other poker players. Other all in one analyzers are with one mini camera inside. This latest poker analyzer is with double cameras. So it can scan a wider range. The scanning distance is 10-30cm. CVK 400 all in one analyzer is the newest one which has two cameras inside. No matter the cell phone screen is up or down, it could scan barcode marked cards normally. This is different from the old version CVK 350 all in one analyzer and K30 all in one analyzer. The scanning distance is 20-40cm from front to back. And it is with a wider scanning range. This analyzer is thinner than other older versions. It supports English and Russian language reporting. So it is convenient used by different regional poker players. Meanwhile, there is a big change of this analyzer. This analyzer is with a Bluetooth, so you could put it 2 meters away from you. But the old version CVK 350 all in one analyzer works with a wireless earpiece. The distance between away from you and analyzer is 50cm. This analyzer would not disappoint you!


Which Poker Games Can Use CVK 400 All In One analyzer

Our poker analyzer is with English version and Russian version. So it could be cheated at different kinds of poker games. It is different from the old version poker analyzers. With the help of these wonderful devices, you could cheat at different poker games in the following. 

Texas hold’em



9 point

Poker Match 

Private cards game 

Club cards game 

Magic show 

No matter what kind of poker cheating devices you want to buy, they could help you a lot. This is a wonderful device for selling in our company.

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