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Various Poker Analyzers For Poker Gamble

Maybe some poker gamblers have used our poker analyzers. These are wonderful devices to help the user win a lot of money. What kind of analyzer you have used before? This is a good chance to learn about our analyzers.

CVK Poker Analyzer

There are three kinds of CVK poker analyzers. They are the latest CVK 400 all in one analyzers, CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer, CVK 350 poker analyzer. Do you know the difference between all in one analyzer and regular poker analyzer? The difference is that the first one has mini cameras inside. CVK 400 analyzer has double sensitive cameras and the other one has one mini camera. So if you want a wider scanning range, you could choose the CVK 400 all in one analyzer. And the CVK 350 analyzer needs to work together with an extra camera. For example, car key camera, water bottle camera, USB cable camera, cigarette box camera, shirt button camera, wallet camera and other kinds.

AKK Poker Analyzer

There are two kinds of AKK poker analyzers. One is the K30 all in one analyzer and the other one is K20 poker analyzer. They are helpful for cheating at different poker games. The first one has a mini camera inside and then you just need to put it on the table, it would work for you automatically. But the second one needs to work together with an extra camera, such as car key camera, USB cable camera, lighter camera, shirt button camera, wallet camera, wrist watch camera, cigarette box camera and others. The scanning distance you could choose in the following. They are 10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm. Most Indians like using K30 all in one analyzer, because it is at a low price.

Other Poker Analyzers

Besides CVK poker analyzers and AKK poker analyzers, there are MDA poker analyzer, GPS poker analyzer and V68 poker analyzer in our company. They are also good gamble cheating products in our company.

As the fast development of our poker analyzers, when the user use these products to cheat at poker games, the secret is hard to be found by other poker players. And if you want to know how to use them, welcome to contact us. 

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