poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Poker Gamble Marked Playing Cards

Marked playing cards are important products when you cheat at poker games. And there are different brands of marked cards in our company. You could know more details about them and then choose the suitable marked cards from our company. 

There Are Two Kinds Of Barcode Marked Cards

Marked playing cards include two kinds. They are barcode marked cards and back marked cards. They work together with different poker cheating devices. Any brands of poker cards could be processed to marked cards. So you could choose the Fournier marked cards, KEM marked cards, Bee marked cards, Copag marked cards, Aviator marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, Lion 3005 marked cards and Bear marked cards. No matter paper cards or plastic cards, they could be processed to marked playing cards. And you could send your poker cards to us for processing. 


Barcode Marked Cards Work With Poker Analyzer

We make special barcodes on the four sides of regular poker cards under the help of poker printers and invisible ink. And then the poker camera can scan barcode marked cards automatically and then gives out the accurate game result. Most poker players like using all in one analyzers. You could choose CVK 400 all in one analyzer, CVK 350 all in one analyzer and K30 all in one analyzer. When you cheat at poker games, you put it on the table and then the user can hear the game result in 0.1 second. No one would find the secret. But if you use other regular poker analyzers, you need to use an extra camera. There are CVK 350 poker analyzer, K20 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer and GPS poker analyzer. 


Back Marked Cards Work With Poker Camera

This kind of marked cards is marked on the back. If you want to see those marks on the back, you could use IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses or IR spy camera. Back marked cards could be for cheating at Texas hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack, Teen Patti and other games. When you use back marked cards with IR contact lenses to cheat at Texas hold’em, the user could see poker points or poker suits directly, but other naked eyes can not see them. Our company sells three kinds of special IR contact lenses. They are the best quality IR contact lenses, the better quality IR contact lenses and the good quality China IR contact lenses. 

Marked playing cards are good device for cheating at different poker games. You could choose other poker cheating devices from us. They can help you a lot. 

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