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AKK Poker Analyzer For Poker Cheat

AKK poker analyzer is one of the best kind poker analyzers. Some poker gamblers can not afford so much money for CVK poker analyzer, but they still want to win money at poker games. So you could choose this kind of analyzer. It could be used to help the user win poker game safely and secretly. There are two kinds of AKK poker analyzers. They are K30 all in one analyzer and K20 poker analyzer. So you could know how to use it in the following.
Two Kinds of AKK Poker Analyzers
AKK poker analyzer includes K30 all in one analyzer and K20 poker analyzer. The first one is with a mini and sensitive camera inside, that you don’t need to use an extra camera. The scanning distance is 10-30cm. It is with English output and Chinese input. You could make phone call, listen to music and send massage. If you could put the analyzer on the table, you could choose our K30 all in one poker analyzer. If you want to use a longer scanning distance, you could choose an extra camera.
K30 All In One Poker Analyzer
K30 all in one analyzer would not disappoint you. It is with one mini camera inside. The scanning distance is 10-30cm. This sensitive camera could be used to scan different brands of barcode marked cards. They are Bee barcode marked cards, Bicycle barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked cards, KEM barcode marked cards, Fournier barcode marked cards, Aviator barcode marked cards, Lion 3005 barcode marked cards and Bear barcode marked cards. After scanning those barcodes and then it would give out the game result quickly. For example, when you cheat at Texas hold’em with CVK 350 all in one analyzer, the user would easily know the biggest winner, the rank of all poker players at the table, the first winner and the second winner or other types of game results.

K20 Poker Analyzer
When you use K20 poker analyzer for cheating at poker game, it needs to work with an extra camera. You could choose USB cable camera, water bottle camera, car key camera, lighter camera, shirt button camera, wallet camera,cigarette box camera and wrist watch camera. And the scanning distance is different, you could choose 10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm.At the same time, there are other long scanning distance cameras, such as wall picture camera and wall clock camera. For example, when you cheat at Andar Bahar, the user could know which pile has the same card as the public card. And when you cheat at Blackjack, you could know poker point one by one, two by two or three by three.

A good device can help you a lot when you cheat at poker games. Besides AKK poker analyzer, you could buy other poker cheating products from us. Welcome to our company for a visiting.


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