poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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China IR Contact Lenses

Maybe you have tried to use different poker cheating devices. China IR contact lenses are good quality special contact lenses. It could help you read the marks on the back.
China IR contact lenses are processed by good quality contact lenses and invisible ink. When you wear them inside your eyes, you could see those marks on the back of marked cards clearly. So the user could know poker points or poker suits. No matter what color of your eyes, these special contact lenses will not change the color of your eyes. We have green-eyes contact lenses, brown-eyes contact lenses, black-eyes contact lenses, grey-eyes contact lenses and blue-eyes contact lenses. China IR contact lenses could be used to read any brand of back marked cards. And we sell other two cheating contact lenses, such as Johnson and Johnson IR contact lenses and Korea IR contact lenses. Poker cheating devices are high quality products to help you win money.
China IR contact lenses are useful device for poker gambling. And do you want to know more about our other cheating products? Please call us right now!

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