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Custom cigarette box camera lens for side marked cards

The camera lens pays more important role in the poker analyzer system. In order to meet more customers’ needs, we also offer an extensive custom service about those camera lenses. On this occasion, I will introduce the custom cigarette box camera lens for reading side marks on marked cards in your poker analyzer system cheating.
The custom cigarette box camera lens can be excellent to read the side marks on marked cards for further needs. First of all, your cigarette box can be processed by us. Second, the scanning distance of the camera lens can be customized in line with your needs, so you can choose a suitable scanning distance like 10-35cm or 20-45cm according to your poker cheating occasions. Third, the quantities of camera lens can be optional, and you can choose one or two lens fixed inside the cigarette box. In the end, the custom cigarette box poker lens can be set for one to one in poker analyzer so that other readers can not receive its signal. Using the powerful cheating device for reading side marks accurately, the whole cheating can be operated smoothly and safely.
If you have other different requirements, please tell us and we will try the best to meet your needs. The custom cigarette box camera lens will bring more winning odds for you in the poker cheat.

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