poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Watch poker camera in different poker analyzers

Watch poker camera is a real watch that it is hard to be found by other poker players. It is an excellent poker cheat device for scanning barcode marks on marked cards.
The scanning distance of watch camera is 10-15cm, 15-20cm, 25-40cm. after shuffling the barcode marked cards and hold them on the poker table, the watch poker camera would scan those marked cards automatically. And then it will send barcode image signal to the poker analyzer. It is used for scanning Bee barcode marked cards, KEM barcode marked cards, Fournier barcode marked cards, Bicycle barcode marked cards, Modiano barcode marked cards and Copag barcode marked cards. With the help of these excellent poker cheat devices, the user will win a lot of money easily and safely. There are other poker cameras in our company.
Watch poker camera can be used in different kinds of poker analyzers like K20 poker analyzer, K30 poker analyzer, CVK350 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, etc. If you want to know more details, just contact us right now!

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