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How to cheat at All Fives poker game in American

If one want to cheat at All Fives poker game, one should know what's All Five first. What's All Fives?

In American card games books, two games called All Fives sometimes appear - a card game and a domino game. This page about the card game; there is a separate page for the game with dominoes. The card game All Fives is a variation of All Fours for two or three players, in which additional points are scored for taking certain trump cards in tricks: A=4; K=3; Q=2; J=1; 10=10; 5=5. Having introduced these extra points, some players have dropped the original points for high, low jack and game. For details, here is an archive copy Dave Barker's former page Rules for All Fives.

There are many ways to cheat at All Fives poker games, for example, we can use poker analyzer to cheat at the game, also can use contact lenses to cheat at the game, can use monitoring system to cheat at the game, to use poker converter to cheat at the game, and many other ways to cheat at the poker game. If you want to cheat at it for details, please tell us, and we will offer you the informations.


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