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Custom water dispenser camera with barcode marked cards

The water dispenser camera is very latest and powerful long distance camera. In order to win a lot of money in the casino, we also provide you with an extensive custom service. Now, I will share the powerful custom water dispenser camera in the below.
The custom water dispenser camera is able to read the barcode marked cards more accurately and clearly at poker analyzer system. It can be mainly made as follows. First of all, the scanning distance of camera can be customized. In longer distance cheating, the scanning distance of camera can reach 1-6 meters. Thus, you can choose a suitable one for your cheating. Second, the qualities of camera lenses are available. Just choose lenses that suits for you gambling. Third, your water dispenser can be processed by us. Finally, the water dispenser camera can be set to one to one device for receiving the signal to the poker analyzer to ensure a more secret cheating. With the custom camera for your gambling cheat, your games will be mastered more smoothly.
There are many kinds of poker cheat devices in our company. Also if you have other requirements about our products, you can send email to us and call us directly.

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