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100% Plastic Fournier2818 Barcode Marked Poker Cards

Poker cards are playing vital roles in the poker games. The quality of cards good or not will directly affect the gamblers’ mood. In order to meet customers’ further needs, we have developed 100% plastic Fournier2818 barcode marked poker cards for players. This kind of marked cards not only offer you good feeling but also help you win games easily. 
The 100% plastic barcode marked poker cards are printed with the invisible barocde on sides. Those barcode are unreadable from our naked eyes and only the poker analyzer camera lens can read. Even marked, they still keep good hand feel of original cards. Made of 100% plastic, they enjoy good hand feel and powerful practicability. With good quality, those marked cards are more durable and washable than other poker cards. Used in poker cheat, they will help convey the information for you to know the poker result in advance. Thus, you can master the game with more winning odds. In addition, your own cards can be processed by us. 
If you are interested in our 100% plastic Fournier2818 bacode marked poker cards, please contact us for more information at any time.

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