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Lamp spy camera for Blackjack games

The spy camera lens can be hidden into many kinds of items, such as CCTV, lamp, picture. The lamp spy camera will help you master many poker games easily. Now, I will share this poker cheat device in your blackjack poker games.
Lamp spy camera system is composed of a lamp spy camera, a transmitter, a TV on the background and back marked cards. When you play Blackjack poker games with this kind of camera lens system, you also need to have partners who will tell you the best result. The spy camera will spy the back marked cards accurately and the information of cards will be sent by the transmitter to the TV. The marks will be a video shown on screen. From the TV, you can know the values of the next card you will get form the poker table. Knowing the poker face in advance, you can play the following section with more chances.
It is very good for you to get 21 points as close as possible. If you want to buy our poker cheat devices to gamble poker games, just contact us by Skype or send email to us!

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