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CVK350 poker soothsayer for Texas

The CVK 350 poker soothsayer is the latest poker soothsayer in the world. This poker cheat device has faster speed to help you finish the poker cheat in the casino. It can be applied to many poker games. If you want to know how to use it to cheat poker games, you need to learn more about our products in the below.
The CVK350 poker analyzer has a higher speed an efficient to complete the poker cheat. Used in Texas holdem poker cheat, the poker soothsayer need to work with the barcode marked cards and a camera lens. After the camera lens reads the barcode marked cards, the codes of cards will be sent to the CVK350 poker analyzer that has the strong ability to decode the marked cards and report the Texas result to you within 0.1s by mini earphones. The Texas result can be set in different forms such as the biggest winner hand, the second winner hand or the ranking of each poker player. If you need to know the pre-flop, it can reach your aim as well.
Knowing the poker result before you make a betting, you are able to play the following sections more confidently and sensibly. If you are interested in our CVK350 poker analyzer, please contact us by Skype!

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