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Programmed mahjong table for mahjong cheat

We know that, when we want to play mahjong games, the mahjong table is a must-have. Now, it is a chance for you to win mahjong games. The programmed mahjong table is best for mahjong cheat.
This kind of programmed mahjong table is installed mahjong program. And it looks like a normal table. When you use programmed mahjong table to win games, you also need to have marked tiles, which are specially processed by invisible ink. Before mahjong game starts, you need one remote controller to open programmed mahjong table to start procedure, and then your partner can know the results. But if the results are not you want, you need to other remote controller to change the results. When you press the remote controller, all marked tiles are washed again.
Also, custom programmed mahjong tables are available. So if you want to custom make it, just contact us by Skype!

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