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IR contact lenses in Crazy Pineapple

To begin playing Crazy Pineapple poker game, the dealer shuffles the deck of 52 poker cards. The dealer seat is marked with the dealer button. This button moves clockwise to the left after very round. Usually the dealer is played by the house. In home games, the player with the dealer button is giving out the poker cards. Once a player is eliminated from the game, he can take over the responsibilities of the dealer in order to speed up the game a little bit.
IR contact lenses can be used for Crazy Pineapple. If you want to know the marks on the back of marked cards, our IR contact lenses can help you. When you wear our IR contact lenses, you can easily read the invisible ink marked cards marks, so you know whether you get the best hand in the casino.
With our IR contact lenses and back marked cards, you can easily win a lot of money in the casino. There are many kinds of IR contact lenses on our website. If you want to know more about our IR contact lenses, please contact us anytime!

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