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Copag Texas holdem peek marked cards

The Copag marked cards are considered by many consumers. One of the proofs for that is that Copag was the official card of the World Series of Poker in 2005 and 2006. The marked cards for one of the most popular poker games Texas holdem will definitely bring a very different and dynamic look to your game. As the other types of Copag cards, these are also made of 100% plastic.
The back designs of the Copag marked cards also have two different colors. But the Copag Texas holdem marked cards don’t have red and blue marked cards, they have red marked cards and black marked cards. So this kind of marked cards is different from other marked cards. And the marks of marked cards can be seen by UV contact lenses and IR contact lenses. And they can be detected only by their own special contact lenses.
This kind of marked cards is used for playing Texas holdem poker games. And it can help you cheat at poker games. So if you want to win much money in the casino, please contact us anytime!

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