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5mm contact lenses

The 5mm contact lenses are suitable for all eye colors. These lenses are made with the newest sandwich technology. Using the best laser staining system, everyone can wear the lenses, as they are designed for all eyes- color types-green, blue, dark or brown. So, no matter what the color of your eyes is, the 5mm contact lenses are right for you. By wearing these lenses you can see the surrounding in a very close to their natural color, but there is more- the color of your eyes will not be changed, as well.
Many of the customers are worried about how their eyes might change their color when wearing such invisible lenses. So if you are one of those customers who don’t want their eye color to change even with a little bit, we highly recommend the 5mm contact lenses. You should probably ask why and we will answer you right away. As the dyed part of these lenses is smaller than others (only 5mm), it covers only the pupil of the eye, so not only people can see the marks clearly, but also the color of their eyes keeps unchanged.
Thanks to the newest technologies applied on these lenses, the traditional problem of pupil auto focusing under different light sources is avoided. So if you want to buy these contact lenses, please contact us by Skype.

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