poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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What's the biggest problems of casino gambling cheating?

  What’s the biggest problems of casino gambling cheating? As a player, you may always ask this problem. Yes, as you are not the owner of the casino, it is hard to cheat at the gambling. But not means that there is no way to cheat at it.
One of the biggest problems of casino gambling is that you enter a viciously tough competitive arena without any clear goals. This leads you to continue the battle to the death usually of your entire bankroll.
  A casino is not the place to get rich quick, unless you are playing the slot machines and even when you do this, if you play merely for the jackpot, you will be disappointed all but once or twice out of the many thousands of times you play.
  Then you play table games, the best of which are almost even –money chances, your goal should be to make a 50 per cent profit. However, ask people who visit a casino with $1000 if they would leave happy with $1500 and almost all of them would tell you that they are seeking a bigger win than that, maybe $3000,$5000. To make 300 percent you have to be exceptionally lucky and your chances of achieving it are very small. In the meantime, you lose your bankroll session after session.
  If, instead, you set yourself a reasonable target, not only are you more likely to achieve it-and with that, a feeling of satisfaction- but you are far less likely to move into profit and then, in a vain attempt to increase that profit, lose what you have just made. Sessions which involve doing well early on and then losing all your profit and your original bankroll, are particularly hard to take, and often stimulate the urge to gamble more when it is clearly time to stop.
  When playing slots, a target of any profit is a good one to have, since the house edge is nearly always so substantial. But even here, you can set a responsible limit-of, say, a 25 per cent profit –and, if you achieve it, walk away. I have studied and watched slots players and I have seen no one ever do this –and that is just one reason why slots make such fortunes for the casinos.
   There are many ways to cheat at casino gambling, you can use infrared contact lenses with back marked cards to cheat at it, and also you can use poker analyzer to cheat at it. Both of the methods are very useful and helpful.

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