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The feeling after using Kem poker cards

I have used Kem or Copag cards consistently for several years of running poker games and the only time they are likely to get damaged is if some one deliberately damages them by folding one of the cards.
I only ever buy them in pairs – one blue one red, and although the usual retail price is around $30 for a pair, you can usually pick them up at Amazon for less than that. Occasionally they come up for sale on ebay at less than this, usually in job lots. But if you know our company, you would know the Kem marked cards is useful. And if you like other marked cards, such as Tally ho marked cards, bicycle marked cards and so on, you can also find it out in our company.
The Kem cards come in a range of sizes, and also offer a “Jumbo Index,” card which makes for easier identification. I heartily recommend these cards as the best value for money way of running poker games.

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