poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Most helpful cheating device--poker cheating analyzer

Poker analyzer, also called poker soothsayer and poker predictor, is one of the most helpful cheating device in poker gambling. Do you know what's poker analyzer? And do you know how it works? Or say that do you know how will it help you to cheat at poker card games?

First, let me tell you what's poker analyzer. Poker analyzer, in fact it is a mini-computer that with a cell phone shape, it can process the data from the scanning camera lens and let the result to the earpiece by wireless. Then I will tell you how it works: we should do the barcode (each barcode stands for a piece of card) on the edge of the poker cards, with this barcode, the scanner can read it, and change it into data send to analyzer. When the analyzer receive the data, it will analysis immediately. Within 0.1s the data will be processed and the result will be out. So that you can hear the result within 0.1s after the scanner scan on the edge marked cards.

Why the analyzer is most helpful cheating device? After you set the rules of the poker game, you can cheat at it. For example, Texas hold'em, when you set the rules, and let the scanner scan on the cards, the analyzer will tell you who will get the best hand, so that you can decide to follow or to give up. But if you only guess who will get the best poker hand, you may lost a lot in the gambling. Do you know about the analyzer now? If you feel it is suit for your games, please tell us.

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