poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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KEM invisible ink marked playing cards infrared contact lenses

Many poker gamblers are using KEM playing cards as its good quality. KEM playing cards, 100% Plastic Kem Cards are widely regarded as the world's finest Playing Card. Kem Cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production. We can cheat at the KEM playing cards by print invisible ink on the back of it, the mark that done by invisible ink can not be seen by naked eyes, but can be seen by infrared contact lenses.

KEM is the only Playing Card that delivers the classic snap and feel of paper, with the unmatched durability and security features of plastic. With these features, KEM playing cards are treated as one of most difficult cards to be marked. Scuff and break resistant, Kem Cards are also completely washable. Poker (Wide) Size Kem Plastic Playing Cards and Bridge (Narrow) Size Kem Plastic Playing Cards are available in a range of designs, with both regular and large size numbers and pips.

Marked KEM playing cards with infrared contact lenses can help you to cheat at many poker games such as Blackjack, Showhand, Baccarat, Lowball, Texas hold'em, Omaha poker game and many local poker games in the world. You can send your cards here to process or you can use our KEM cards.

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