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Rummikub tiles contact lenses principle is as marked cards contact lenses

Maybe you often play Texas hold’em and Omaha, you can try to play some new poker game, and you will feel fun and different experience.
Rummikub tiles are very popular among young person. And according to its character, we release luminous contact lenses for rummikub tiles game.
This game is deceptively simple. You start with 14 tiles, and your goal is to meld all your tiles in groups of at least three, either three of a kind (3 fives, for example) or in a run (4, 5, and 6). Just like the card game rummy, right? The twist comes when you start rearranging tiles.
Before too long, strategy becomes hard because the person before you is sure to rearrange the tiles you needed in such a way that they are no longer available. Then again, they may lay down the one piece that you needed to win.
As long as you leave at least three tiles together, you can do whatever you want with the tiles already laid down by any person playing the game.

Rummikub tiles luminous contact lenses is special use in rummikub, as it is different from other poker games. Rummikub tiles contact lenses is the same principle as marked cards contact lenses, but it can not detect by marked cards contact lenses.

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