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Video camera lenses are more advanced now

Video hidden camera lens is a kind of advanced lens and it is using the most advanced VCR lens now. This camera lens is more flexible and clearly than the old camera lens.

You must have used many electronic products, but maybe you have not use the video camera lens, the video camera lens could be used in watch, lighter, water bottle, cell phone and so on…
The scam requires a special setup operated by a small team of people. A typical setup consists of a hidden video camera (or a camera that masquerades as a security camera), a video recorder with frame-by-frame playback capability, a video monitor, and a wireless communication system. When these camera systems first came out VCRs were used to record the video signal.

The performance of video contact lens is pretty good, and the operation is very simple. If you want to put the camera lens mounted on your own VCR, it is can also custom.

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