poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Micro hidden lens is special use in poker analysis device

Micro hidden lens use is very extensive, when we use it in a poker analysis device. We do some special treatment, so that it can better work in the process of analysis the result.
Micro hidden camera lens can reduce the color shift, improving the focus problems, but it will reduce transmittance

A player flashes his hole cards every time he takes a look at them. You would be stupid not to take advantage of any information brought to you by careless play, because other players would not think twice about it. And they would be right. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect his ‘garden.’

Many poker cheat player often use high quality micro hidden camera lenses, because some small camera lens very agility and they could use it fast and skillful.
You must heard people say as the focal length of the camera is digitally extended, the pixels in the picture become fewer and larger, making the image appear as though built out of blocks.

Micro hidden lenses can be a single lens or multi lens, customized according to customer demand. If you don't quite know what kind of election, you can call or email for consultant.

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