poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Our marked cards are professional design

We promise our marked cards are professional design and we can make a demand communication with customers, to identify customer needs. We are specialize in process invisible marked cards, save the cost in the production process, to play the best cost-effective.

We hope to cooperate with wholesale distributors, joint operations. Meet the needs of more customers. Of cause, at the same time also support retail.
We not only provide contact lenses but also provide varies kinds of marked cards, these marked cards are special use with the contact lenses.
Our Copag 1546 cards are 100% plastic cards, we use luminous invisible ink to mark it, and so you can see the marks on the mark card by wearing perspective contact lenses clearly under all kinds of light.
As we know there are many skills of playing poker games. We would like to introduce how to play poker cards and how to use various kinds of poker analyzer and many other poker cheating devices.

Then invisible marked cards use with poker cheating analyzer is different with other marked cards, this card is process the edge, it is more difficult, so require a high strength of a company.

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