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How to protect against UV/IR marked cards?

This poker hall in the next city, is it some kind of shady underground gangster hangout? I mean is it somewhere where it's possible for a player to have access to the cards before the game and mark the deck? Is it somewhere where you can't request that a new deck of cards is used? If for any reason you don't trust the place or the guys you are playing with then it's simple you can just leave and take your money with you. But i don't think this is the kind of thing you need to worry about to be honest.
Recently i wanted to play at a poker hall at the next larger city but my friend warned me "generally" to play in public, he showed me some links with stuff like "Infrared marking pens with matching contact lenses". Not sure if its really "Infrared", "ultraviolet" or whatever technically, but just google for that and be shocked like me.
Any common ideas from the pros? What do you do to prevent marking especially if you dont play at home? Of course there are numerous "cheaper" tricks to mark cards, but these quite professional looking "contact lenses plus marking pen" kits made me worry. Maybe imma just stick to online poker but i would really have fun to play with real cards again. All ideas, comments and opinions welcome!

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