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Double K Marked Cards Bring You Fortune

After work, we like to get together with a few of our good friends or family members and then it is natural for us to take out a pack of playing cards and play cards in high spirits. In Singapore, people are inclined to play cards with the local well-known Double K marked cards.
Have you ever heard about this Double K marked playing cards? It is as famous as the Bee marked cards and Aviator marked cards in America. A large number of poker players in Singapore love this their local playing cards very much, because they hold such an idea that their own marked cards can bring them good luck and great fortune at the same time when they are playing cards for money.
Different from other common playing cards, this kind of Singapore Double K marked cards have some special but invisible marks on the back of the playing cards. If you want to see the marks of the poker faces, you need to wear a pair of infrared contact lenses or more advanced UV contact lenses. Only b doing so, you are able to see the marks. At last, by the way, you can get them in EYE.

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