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How to conduct lawful funny money nights?

It is important that licensees do not place their liquor and gaming licences in jeopardy by risking being convicted of the offence of conducting an unlawful game.
If you intend to conduct 'funny money nights' you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. an admission fee or donation may be charged for entry into the event (the fundraising amount)
  2. play money, gaming chips, tokens, etc. must be distributed fairly to participants
  3. further play money, chips or tokens may be purchased during the event
  4. patrons cannot risk a stake on the outcome
  5. patrons cannot win and cannot lose anything of value while playing the games
  6. play money, chips, tokens, etc. cannot be redeemed for money or anything of value
  7. play money, chips, tokens, etc. cannot be used for the purpose of bidding in an auction either during or after the event
  8. play money, chips, tokens, etc. cannot be used to otherwise determine the winner of a prize.
Persons playing in 'funny money nights' do so for the entertainment value and with the knowledge that the proceeds from the event will help the benefiting organisation.

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