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Video surveillance camera use with many kinds of marked cards

The invisible camera lenses could use in many place, when it comes to contact today, you should not unfamiliar. Because it is often used in our life, for example, there will have a contact monitoring camera in some important public.

The back of the clock has a removable panel for easy access to the on board controls, battery, and SD card slot. The removable camera also keeps prying eyes out.
This DVR clock is motion activated, so you will record only when someone moves in front of the camera. The pinhole camera built into the clock face is hard to detect.

Easy to install for quick video camera, keep an eye on what's yours. Video is stored on the internal DVR recorded and to a micro SD card. You can access the card directly via the clock and using your TV or you can remove the card and view your videos on a PC.
It offers the option to use the DVR clock as a battery or AC powered device.
Here are the features about our video surveillance camera:
Battery operated up to 150 minutes
Motion Activated Recording
Time and Date stamp
Low light camera
Easy to install

Our video surveillance camera could use with many kinds of marked cards, you can buy the video surveillance camera together with the invisible marked cards, we will give you a nice price.

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