poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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People always doubt things before they believe; only when they see things happen by themselves. There are many customers ask us whether the poker cheating soothsayer and luminous contact lens is exit or not. The answer is yes.

What you are talking about is called luminous readers. But the fact is that the tint on the sunglasses or contacts has to be just right in order to neutralize the design on the back of the card so that the marks can be seen. This may require custom tinting. Just check out this sight.
Order the luminous reader solution kit and note that they include a filter system that is made at just the right tint.
Here are some thoughts regarding luminous marked cards:

Make sure the solution you get does not damage the finish when you apply the solution to the card
If you decide to use contacts, do not get the "so-called" generic contacts for luminous readers. I strongly suggest that you go to your eye doctor with a piece of filter so they can match the tint.

As we are good at luminous reader contact lenses, so our luminous reader contact lenses always the best product in the market, we hold many product that others don’t have.

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