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The most popular recently invisible contact lenses

Luminous contact lenses is very useful in the poker game, it work with marked cards. If you often watch the news you will know what the most popular recently invisible contact lenses is, our products are the best quality, and the price is reasonable.
Ultra-luminous (TM) shade has leapfrogged all other variations of luminous and cobalt blue shade on the market. To understand why ultra-luminous (TM) shade is superior, let's look at its advantages.

Why should you consider ultra-luminous over regular luminous:

For most customers Ultra-luminous is overkill and the regular luminous marker will more than satisfy their needs. Both, the regular luminous marker and the Ultra-luminous product are invisible to the human eye, unless you use the appropriate sunglasses.

Only professionals, who want the best, should consider Ultra-luminous technology. But, in case you are interested, here are the main differences
In order to protect your luminous contact lenses, contact lens should better keep cleaning and it can also increase the life span of contact lenses. We also provide marked cards supporting use with contact lenses, you can buy them together.

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