poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Poker cheating methods

Normal poker, you want to do win every battle, even with some basic skills is not enough, in addition to the thousands of poker with some tools, can not do without poker win poker cheating thousands of patients that is flexible use of methods ordinary poker cheat There are many ways to share today is some poker cheating, is the whole, regardless of the following methods to play poker cheating Excellencies, Bull, Taurus, or the play bar Jinhua, are applicable to any poker game!
To win, players will do anything, we are licensing technology experts are here to teach you some card trick, so that you, after reading through the use of shuffling, folding cards, licensing and other enforcement techniques, they need a license to come from the dark, placed in the appropriate location, and then after a play-color sub-license, so they need to share of the brand entirely on their own hands, to a clean sweep!
Card trick is to be summed up in actual combat, so very practical, some way into when shuffling cards, folding cards when licensing, enforcement license to license, sub-license was a license, the licensing and rub card folder cards Won six parts, this wonder of the six practices of a future article we will provide you recite!

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