poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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HD camera can be used in many kinds of poker analysis equipment

Camera lens is the most important part of the poker cheating analyzer system. So we put a lot of effort in improving the quality of the lens. We hope to improve the overall effect of poker analyzer through improved camera lens, other companies will not do this well.

Now high-definition camera began gradually popular, with the decrease of the next network bandwidth upgrades and price, high-definition camera will become popular consumer electronics.
These HD camera lens could put into many kinds of poker cheating analysis system. And the effect is very excellent.
HD camera is referred to as HD 1080P or HD 960P or HD 720P camera, and 1080P called full HD.
High-definition has clear provisions in the digital TV, although not explicitly in the camera, but has already formed the default rules.
HD pixel corresponding to the current resolution is as follows: 720P (1920*720); 960P (1920*960) 1080P (1920*1080). It must meet the following conditions: 1, the lens element must use five layers of glass lens, because the all-glass camera is sure to be better than plastic and glass definition, usually the camera lens on the market called 2 glass lens is means 2 layers of glass manufacturing. 2 use USB2.0 high speed interface.        

We can provide high-definition camera lenses according to the object provided by you. HD camera is the best camera lens and it can be used in many kinds of poker analysis equipment.

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