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How to make a marked deck?

A marked deck is an item any good magician should have. It truly allows a person to know the card the spectator has.
1. Find a Sharpie Pen that matches the color of your standard bicycle playing cards.
2. Look at the top of an individual card. More specifically, the two flower looking things at the top.
3. On the left one you want to mark the top one meaning its a heart, second one meaning its a diamond, third one meaning it is a club, and the fourth one meaning its a spade.
4. On the right flower you want to mark it the same way, the top one meaning its one, the next one to the right a two etc. When you hit ten you color in the middle one for 10 and then a jack is the middle one and the top flower petal and you can figure out the rest.(it follows the same pattern as before except for the middle.
It is easy to make a marked deck. So if you want to know more about it, you can come to our company, and we will give you the best service and results which you want.

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