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Bicycle marked cards is your professionally marked cards

When there is a party, you can try to find a way to make your friends happy, and they will think, you are a funny person. In this time, magic poker will be a good choice.
This instruction manual was made to give you the ability to make your very own professionally marked deck of cards.
Here are the features of playing cards:
1. Color pattern on the back of cards: blue and red
2. Bicycle playing cards index, plasticity.
3. The deck contains 52 cards and 2 jokers.
4. Card size: 63*88 mm.
How to mark bicycle luminous cards?
Blue cards: marked a big font in the middle of the card (white mark)
Red cards: marked with fonts in four corners or big font in the middle of the card (white or black marks).

Bicycle marked cards is the best poker cards in the market now, and there also some high quality marked cards like bicycle marked cards, such as modiano marked cards and bee marked cards.

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