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Different contact lenses for different luminous marked cards

Poker cards are often played in our life, but few people know the playing cards can be mark with luminous ink. There are many kinds of mark use to mark the playing cards.
The flower looking object, or sometimes called a dial, is used to identify the number of the card, (i.e. 4, 8, J, or A).  This object on the card, like all of them, are located on all 4 corners and set up in an asymmetrical design. This enables you to put the marking on one, two, or all of the corners, which ever fits your needs most.  The dots in this pattern are filled in accordingly with the corresponding card.

For example in the figure below, in the right side dial the top or 12 o'clock position dot is filled in.  This represents an ace.  The dots will be filled in, only one dot for the specific card, clockwise until you reach the number 8, or 11 o'clock position.

The difference between luminous marked card and normal poker playing cards is the mark, but the naked eye can not see the difference. People wearing contact lenses, if the material of contact lens is different also can not see the difference.         

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